Thanks for trusting our team of caregivers to look after the well being of our loved one.

By registrering with us, you will have access to Cuidado Atentto’s unique network of caregivers. Our service providers have been selected diligently by validating their credentials, they went thru a rigorous interview process to ensure they comply with the highest standards of service, integrity and your loved one is well cared for. Our team is dedicated and exclusively prepared to attend to the needs of the older people and being attentive to their well being while staying at home.

Tasks we help with

Assist the older adult with their personal hygiene
Help to get them dressed
We maintain open communication with the family
We help reminding medications
Assistance while bedridden
We are dedicated to the care of your loved one
Helping with meal preparation
Washing and Drying of the Older Adult bed linens and clothes.
We do a light cleaning of the older adult’s bedroom and bathroom
We encourage entertainment activities*
We help reminding doctor’s appointments and important dates
The caregiver may attend doctor’s appointments as companion**

*As allowed by the Older Adult’s condition

**Requires an additional charge

Benefits for the Older Adult and their Family

Our services can be requested at any time and from any electronic device from our online platform.
Caring at home is more economic than long term caring facilities.
While being cared for at home the recovery, comfort and attention is promoted
Family bonds are mantained and strengthen when the Older Adult is cared for at home.
The Older Adult overall mood is mostly elevated, since they have company and support in difficult moments.
Is better to be at home to establish and keep routines in known and comfortable surroundings for the Older Adult.