Our company is dedicated to care for older adults at home or during a hospitalization, while assisting in tasks such as personal hygiene and light domestic cleaning to improve the quality of life of your family and loved ones.  Our focus is targeted towards a growing population, which nowadays represents 30% of our habitants.  We are a different at home caring option since we’re moved by the affection and dedication that our older adults need.

We offer our services thru a digital online platform, accessible virtually at any time from any electronic device.  In this way, we are connecting caregivers to the people who are needing care of their loved one or older adult.

What sets us apart, is our hiring process. It includes interviews with questions that measure future behaviors based on past actions and the inclination to risky, criminal and counterproductive behaviors. In addition, we go thru a cross-examination of references, which allows us to filter and select trustworthy caregivers.  This way, we are able to provide peacefulness to our customers making sure their loved ones are well cared for.

Cuidado Atentto is born because our founding women know by experience the needs and feelings of the caregivers and the older adults, who now depend on other people’s help and support. In 2016 both went thru the process of caring for the loved ones who looked after them for their whole lives.  All, while they were working full time jobs and had their own homes to attend to.  By living the day to day and the needs they loved ones experienced and them as caregivers, they took the task of building a company where they could share this love, empathy and “Cuidado Atentto” that the most vulnerable need. It is how in 2017 the journey began to create what today is known as Cuidado Atentto.